The days are gone when paper-based ledgers were the only option to track key accounting tasks. We are offering banking software and emerging as the dominant force in delivering business savvy solutions to finance sector.
Our accounting software can help your business in numerous ways:

  • Reducing errors
  • Saving time in organizing customer data
  • Stream-lining payroll
  • Creating invoices, bills generation and inventry system

Thus giving you a complete view of your company's financial status. With a clear picture of your financials, you can make smarter business decisions.

Retail Banking

The Retail Banking environment today is changing fast. The changing customer demographics demands to create a differentiated application based on scalable technology, improved service and banking convenience. Higher penetration of technology and increase in global literacy levels has set up the expectations of the customer higher than never before. Increasing use of modern technology has further enhanced reach and accessibility.

Corporate Banking

Our Corporate Banking business model is powered by our custimise Products. Our custom solutions include:

  • Risk and Treasury Management
  • Cash Management
  • Portals
  • Trade Finance
  • Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Technology is one of the key Differentiators for any leading Investment Banker. Every year, Investment firms make huge investments in technology, but the winners make smart investments. We work with our clients to make the right technology investments by bringing leading edge insight, experienced professionals, and a rigorous process to every project. In an information-intensive industry where time is of the essence, our rapid and robust software development and deployment methodologies help clients reduce risk in their projects and implement them successfully on a crashed time frame.


As a technology partner of some leading insurance companies, we combine the understanding of insurance industry requirements with the technology expertise to develop and deliver techno-business solutions. We are committed to develop and provide lasting insurance solutions that are of value-add to meet the ever-changing business needs of customers.