CAT goes comes CatSim

  1. Maximize your performance in CAT 2010 with CatSim
  2. Take the Diagnostic test
  3. Get your personalized prep plan for CAT 2010
  4. Take topic-wise practice tests as per the prep plan
  5. Regularly take all-India Mock tests to monitor your improvement trajectory

This is the screen short of the our window based Cat Sim application similar to used by IIM’s for CAT 2009. The directions and the image for the questions are shown on the left side and the question is on the right side.

CatSim CatSim
CatSim CatSim
CatSim CatSim
CatSim CatSim
  • A common question: How do I start my CAT preparation?
  • Thankfully, this is no longer left for imagination.
  • CAT India online offers you free Diagnostic test on each topic; QA,VA and DI.
  • Then, the recommendator analyzes your performance to give you a personalized CAT 2010 preparation plan.
  • The prep plan is structured in 2 phases.
  • First, it recommends you to study those topics which will ensure that you reach the cut-off in each section.
  • Once you achieve this minimum level, you get a second study plan which focuses on the topics where your scoring potential is high.
  • And the results have been outstanding so far! ..