Kaleidoscope is an image processing software; it performs various functions like Enhancement, Feature Extraction, Pattern Generation, Morphology, Dyadic, Compression, Transformation and Mensuration on an image. The images can be arranged as mosaic for better analyzing, viewing and comparing among the operation performed on the image. It also supports operations like horizontal/vertical flipping, resizing, rotation, segmentation, edge detection of the image and creating isometric views from projection or depth maps. To grab images with camera, Twain Compatible Frame Grabber Cards can be supplied against specific orders.

You can

  • Open, close, save, convert, print the image and after completing the job exit from file.
  • Do preprocessing like horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, resize to double, half or to any ratio, rotate by 90° or any other angle, mosaic and plot 3D images
  • Do grayscale imaging to remap, enhance images by power law or log, negate, stretch mask an image or do Gaussian stretch or histogram of an image
  • Enhance an image by using low pass, high pass, median, mode or mean filters or perform statistical differencing on image
  • Do operations like global or adaptive thresholding of an image, capture features of an image like edge detection, count number of regions in image, draw a closed outline, do ‘x’ or ‘y’ or radial histogram computation, size count, pixel intensity function etc.
  • Generate a constant intensity image, corrupt an image with known characteristic noise, generate bar pattern image, closed polygon image, circular disk and checker board pattern and random-dot stereogram.
  • Arrange windows in a tile or cascade manner, extract sub-image, copy an image window
  • Does arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of images, compare two images for calculation of MSE, superpose, mask etc.
  • Do Morphology like expand or shrink a binary image using 3x3 rect. set, obtain convex hull, eliminate small object noise, dilate or erode an image, do band pass/reject operation etc.
  • Do Mensuration like calibrate, measure distance between two points, measure angle between two lines, count number of objects, perform band-pass/reject filter operations etc
  • It supports to connect the CCD camera for live grabbing and analysis on captured image